Wow, whether boxing, UFC and professional sport across the board — isn’t amazing that all of a sudden, just like that — ahead of St. Patrick’s Day 2022 — the Irish seem to have taken over the world how did this happen 🤣🇮🇪 look at this:

What is it some McGregor fella said before — we’re not here to take part — we’re here to take over 🤣

At any rate, great to see so many Irish around the world doing well not just in boxing, UFC but across all of sport and business.

Particularly ahead of St. Patrick’s Day this week. Happy St. Patrick’s Day in advance. To all people regardless where they are from, moreover. More good people in the world than ever now as good people stand up and have effortlessly without challenge defeated one or two tyrants.


Accessing The Mentality and Psychological Strengths of Professional Sportsmen

Accessing The Psychological Strengths Of Professional Sportsmen

We’ve spoken about before how Mexico’s and boxing’s ‘Numero Uno’ Saul Alvarez is a big time golf player and golf fan, also.

Maybe more and more of all sports are coming together all of a sudden it seems. Particularly in these times we are all living in at the moment.

What would life be without professional sport eh 🙂


Hermosillo Boxing Beauty Grabs Attention Ahead Of St. Patrick's Day Fight Weekend

Hermosillo Boxing Beauty Grabs Attention Ahead Of St. Patrick’s Day Fight Weekend

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