We can condemn this…

We condemn that…

The war must stop now…

And so on and so forth.

Those first three type of statements from the US State Department are the same old thing we keep hearing the last few weeks.

Over and over again.

Rinse and repeat.

Change the bloody record will yeah.

That’s what Secretary Blinken of the US State Department and his understudy Ned keep saying but is it doing anything Blinken.

The weapons shipments are even getting destroyed now and American citizens killed and injured in Ukraine:

This doesn’t work with an individual like old Vlad Putin, Blinken.

America, its allies and partners should clearly expel foreign diplomats back to Russia.

America was losing for a while but now that certain things have happened, things seem a little bit better for America internationally.

Only diplomatic peaceful solution is the above, maybe, we guess.

Each to their own.

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