Vlad Putin of Russia has made some big mistakes as he knows very well now in Russia 🤣

As the net narrows around him from his own people and nations around the the world at the moment.

Attacking hospitals, kids, women and innocent civilians crossed the line the other day.

That was barbaric.

And not part of how any war is fought.

But to kill an American citizen today, well, the appropriate response will be applied. No one wants war but if unavoidable for peace then situation dictates to get no war and peace.

Tick tock tick tock goes the Vlad clock just like the Chinese stock market and economy the other day got crushed within seconds. Effortlessly. No challenge for America when it wanted to turn on the heat.

Vlad running out of time now. Hopefully peace soon. Time running out now on this big time.

That woman Maria the PR woman surely too with the Russian foreign ministry messaging now sharing this crap after all the wreck they did do us a favor:

Oh Maria, hurting kids and hospitals one thing but to America and Americans was another mistake too. What have you done love. You crossed the line. That’s unacceptable.

Then these spurious things above — after all the bloody carnage? Do us a favor.

You would have to think that the appropriate response will be forthcoming in due course for the sake of the world and any peace, at all, even left salvageable from this wreckage.


Who knows why these things happen in the world, the universe and so forth — best to throw on a tune for the Sunday that’s in it maybe — hopefully peace soon:

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