You know, this big fight in the world — the war in Ukraine from the invasion by Russia — is no good for anyone.

Not least China.

The economy in China in one simple, easy night of sell offs of stocks has been crippled beyond any comprehension thought possible by some.

Great people China of course — but the Chinese government have learned a brutal lesson now in one single, not challenging night at all for the US:

Bang. Happy Friday.

That is one of the biggest hits China stocks have suffered since 2008.

China had said in recent days they would try to mediate the Russia Ukraine war but nothing materialized in reality.

This is the consequences now.

Maybe they also will be a little more friendly and polite to the nice people in America in Alaska who invited them as guests to America not long ago only to be met with a hostile and confrontational tone.

In fairness to the Chinese government have talked more sense in recent times but as the above lesson shows they must improve. No one is perfect. This is an imperfect world after all.


Heavyweight Champion Next Fight Delayed Due To Russia War In Ukraine

Heavyweight Champion’s Next Fight Delayed Due To Russia War In Ukraine

If they improve however it will be not only good for China and the US but all countries and all people here in the world. They are certainly not helping Chinese people in every country in the world at the moment including in China, too. Everyone should get along 🙂

The above shows if America wants — at anytime — that’s how powerful it is in the world.

Not even a challenge for them above surely.

America will be okay.

All countries will too.

All nations should get along in peace and prosperity for a more stable world.


All of Central and South America Need To Take Action Against Putin War

All Of Central And South America Need To Take Action Against Putin War

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