First off we totally understand the anger of former heavyweight champion Klitschko below.

Well, we can only imagine the carnage.

That he, his brother Vitali Klitschko and the rest of the Ukrainians on the ground are going through.

But is big Wlad slightly harsh here below.

On Canelo’s next opponent Dmitry Bivol?

It’s not Bivol’s fault this war.

Surely Bivol doesn’t support this senseless mayhem and war either.

Yes pulling events from Russia understandable as the economic trade has shut down there now.

But individual athletes travelling to the US and other countries for boxing and sport.

It is not their fault.

Even owners/businessmen of certain streaming networks in boxing being linked to Russia also must be re-evaluated now moving forward.

Everything has changed. Big changes in the world coming all the time now.

Unfortunately not their fault either of course. It is what it is.


Watch: Vitali Klitschko Makes Imminent Request For Kyiv In Russia War

Watch: Vitali Klitschko Makes Imminent Request For Kyiv In Russia War

Likely it will be a long time before people even think about doing business with any links to where the sanctions have been applied Russia.

Or China.

Nothing personal against them. Just business. That’s just the way it’s got to be.

Maybe some will review the situation again in a few years.

After all this carnage and mayhem.

These last 14 days have changed the world.

In ways no one saw coming.

As regards China, these sanctions that China say they are going to help Russia with.

From the West.

No good.


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Watch: Women’s Boxing Coach Coaches Men Boxers And General Fitness

USA all day.

Simple as that.

China need to seriously reconsider that too.

Particularly if they are going to try to play a positive, productive part in helping this situation too.

The Chinese government that is.

Seems the Chinese government is changing tune slightly in recent days.

Less support for Putin’s unjustifiable invasion.

The fact of the matter was no invasion was promised beforehand.


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China know every day that goes by it will hurt their economy now.

Clock is ticking for them now. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Hopefully peace comes about soon.


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