America Are Right About Fighter Jets In Ukraine Russia War

It appears like there is a lot of conflicting information about Poland, fighter jets and America today.

In terms of the good old USA rejecting Poland’s offer to send fighter jets to Ukraine via a US base.

They are dead right too.

That would escalate things.

NATO certainly will be disbanded after all this.

Basically America are right not to send in fighter jets in any direct or indirect means to this situation.

They can help in other ways.

Leave the fighter jets at home in America where they belong and don’t use any bases in Europe to transfer them.

The latest though shows some of the incompetence on how aspects of it was handled:

If this individual cannot be competent then get rid of her.

This is too much of an explosive situation for the world now.

Joe Biden to be fair is right with this sentiment a short time ago:


Bloody hurry up about it and help the Ukrainians more.

This is having a huge impact on the American economy now too.