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Big Tech Go After China Now As President Xi Clown Next

It looks like the big ‘fight’ in the world is getting much worse.

Hopefully peace comes about soon.

One thing that while reported on a bit, largely went unnoticed, was something during the week.

The UK’s Lizz Truss’ rhetoric at times has been very unacceptable so much so now that the UK government and people of the UK appear to be aware of the damage she has done.

Some (not all) of these power hungry and money hungry politicians, diplomats and civil servants can do an awful lot of harm with their talk.

Ironically hurting them, their own families and their own countries much more in the process.

This is chess not checkers and the way to get checkmate in this war is by peace.

Peaceful rhetoric.

No more antagonizing or even one false move, one badly worded statement, one even hint of hostility in tone of voice, diction of clarity in any aspect of body language, demeanor or sense of energy and vibe, from Truss, could permanently cripple the UK’s economy next time.


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Too much to go into but the Financial Times (in the UK) publication (hat tip) sometimes can be a good source have found. Washington Post too.

It appears that Downing Street were quite embarrassed about some of the comments from Truss recently which they rightly moved to quickly correct her on. Don’t let her screw things up again. The UK government and all the people of the UK surely aware of sometimes how damaging she can be for the whole country.

Notice how the talks of nuclear war came about straight after Truss’ comments.

Good thing the good people of the UK and workers moved to play down those comments straight away.

That could have got out of hand quickly.

The whole point here is that rhetoric needs to be more peaceful.

Good to see Antony Blinken change his rhetoric recently a bit towards more peaceful and Truss should take note too. Good man Blinken.


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If this incompetent Truss can’t be trusted (pardon the pun ?) surely the UK Prime Minister or the good people of the UK government can isolate her from her work.

Or get someone else who can do a better job moving forward. Don’t do that again Truss you numpty.

You nearly put the entire UK (and all the people of the UK) in jeopardy and certainly have caused huge damage to the UK economy for 2022 and done damage to all people of the UK now.

Remove her from the position if she gets too power hungry again and get someone else more competent to do the job if she is not competent moving forward.


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Life is all about moving on.

Also, to be fair — the government of Ireland as the neighbor of the UK needs to take a look at maybe some other countries who are using Ireland as the world’s center for data at the moment in all of this.

Good to see Google and others make changes recently after so many Ukrainians protesting outside of their office in Dublin last week.

More peace needed.

But also other countries like Russia, the UK, Croatia or others who may have governments working here as Ireland is the center for big tech outside of America — and for data and privacy laws too.

Just an example but say hypothetically fictionally speaking — whether Croatians in Cork or English nationals in Donegal, it doesn’t matter, the Irish authorities need to ask is all this trouble in the world now with the data laws and GDPR in the EU being based in Dublin — making Ireland (putting in jeopardy all Irish people here and Irish in all countries too and their foreign embassies in every country) complicit in some of this, and, bringing the Irish neutral principle into the light more than it should be?

Ireland are great people and it is good to be kind to all people. Nice to see the Irish government doing things for Ukrainians to temporarily house them here during the crisis.

But there has to be an appropriate, neutral weighing up of pragmatic equilibrium to everything.

That goes for all countries.

Both a lot in the news and relevant to this at the moment.


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The Irish army intelligence division should be more shrewd and understand what some of these people are doing here and if it is harming Ireland they must leave and return to country of origin.

Same goes for any other countries in Europe who are not helping peace.

It’s all about peace at the end of the day.

Every day this goes on will only continue to cripple the likes of the UK economy even further if this Truss doesn’t change her tune soon and be more peaceful in rhetoric.

And less war mongering.


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Hopefully peace comes about soon.

Nice to see the Ukraine flag flying next to the Irish one in southern Ireland recently below.

Much love 🙂


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