Former heavyweight champion of the world and now Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko is on the front lines of war at the moment in his homeland of Ukraine:

That’s what a ‘leader’ does.

During a bloody battle that has seen no NATO or other armies come to help them. No good.

God defend them in battle and bring about dialogue to bring about peace, please God peace will hopefully be forthcoming soon.

It is has been widely reported that men over the age of 18 to 60 have been commanded to fight in Ukraine during this battle.

Thoughts and prayers with Ukraine at the moment. Hope our work colleagues and advertising partners are okay over there. Thinking of them a lot last few days.

Nobody wants war surely in the world, senseless and the message below from the WBC World Boxing Council last night not a bad one, to be fair, on where boxing should stand, peace and unity for all.

Love and peace will prevail in the end:


WBC reacts to war in Ukraine - World of boxing stands for peace and unity

WBC Reacts To War In Ukraine – World Of Boxing Stands For Peace And Unity

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