Ukraine’s Own President Now Even Playing Down West’s Talks Of War

The West have been badly wrong on this Ukraine thing in recent weeks in this big ‘fight’ in the world.


Too much rushed talk from British and US government in recent times – with respect.

No convincing evidence that Russia were ever going to invade.

Simply responding to NATO troops near their borders by simply having there own army within their own territory and borders to safe guard them.

You have to be fair to both sides.

East and West.

We’ve said time and time on here that NATO one day will be disbanded.

You’ll see that European army thing instead maybe.

Ukraine’s own President now is even playing down talks of war.

As peace looks set to be achieved and real talks happen behind the scenes by the looks of it:

People forget that a lot of Russians live in the Ukraine and Ukranians live in Russia.

These people know each other better than anyone.

No one has better knowledge on Ukraine than Ukraine as that’s where the thing is happening after all.

Not overseas or anywhere else.

Of course this will be fine as the world isn’t set up for warfare these days anyway and the world is just coming back to life after a prolonged adverse situation the last couple of years.

Hopefully peace talks achieved soon.

You’d have to think sensible talks are going to come out of this between the Russians and Ukranians themselves at the end of the day.

Each to their own.


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Debunking White House Fact Sheet On China And Russia Vs USA Fight