Was The White House Almost Subtly Encouraging Army Fight In Ukraine

Pragmatically speaking, it appears that the current State Department and White House for the greatest country in the world, America, were maybe a little bit almost encouraging war.

From a boxing fans and UFC fans perspective at the end of the day Las Vegas is the fight capital of the world and center of the universe where all the best fighters go and biggest fights happen to cover so what happens in America is important and will always be for us fight fans.

Moving on, why is the language all that war ‘could’ happen when there are no signs it is happening?

Why did they send so much military weapons to the Ukraine almost as if to try to start something?

See this, again:

‘Further invades’.

Which one is it then make your mind up, have they already invaded or planning to invade — or ‘could’ invade?

They are all over the shop.

Particularly after which Ukraine after receiving these weapons said their rhetoric wasn’t helping the situation (after receiving the weapons too)?

This from world renowned American Edward Snowden offers a respectful alternative to the some of the defunct mainstream media narrative?

Is it the case though above as well as regards what Snowden says?

Is it just maybe some of the media that are backed or influenced somehow by this current administration or maybe in good favor with them?

There are no right or wrong answers here and indifference of opinion surely advantageous when trying to be impartial.

This too while maybe not faultless in assumption surely worth exploring in some aspects to be fair to both the East and the West:

As the same time on the above, though, you can’t tag all Western media into the above with that.


Why should conventional cognitive biases between the East and West reciprocally on both sides not go unchallenged.

In a respectful manner.