Sad to see that some although advocate for peace at the moment more and more negative news seems to be about.

God will sort them out not a bother.


All we can do as mere mortals is our best you’d have to think.

God sees and knows all things though, and trust in God cannot be beaten. God is undefeated. Each to their own, respectfully.

Peace is the answer and unfortunate to see this:

Catching up on some of this news since back. No good. Shut it bull Brits. Enough. Very well. See what happens next, they’ll do sweet fook all and they’ll do nothing, that’s what 🤣

Talk and diplomacy surely will prevail please God. Sensible.

Terrible to see the above.

Peace and love always prevail in the end and seems to be a lot of bull and conflict about too much of it. No good.

Anyway some boxing to talk about more soon hopefully. Better days ahead. The best is yet to come.

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