While boxing wars in the boxing ring return this weekend for us boxing fans another one in the world seems to have been avoided.

As expected.

Yes, the current State department, White House and current administration are in a lot of a trouble at the moment.


More than they even know just yet.

They will have a lot of work to do to get back in the good books of many after this last world situation in recent years, for sure, with all the carnage going on in America at the moment. Terrible.

With that being said, this was warned of in advance and was expected by some:

Well, well, well. What do we have here then.

Very good.

White House, be good next time, you dimwits.

Just like there was no weapons of mass destruction in a certain place, one time, was there.

Of course they were going to do nothing.

Always the bloody same.

Okay then.

We don’t know anything, each to their own.


Joe Rogan speaks on the New Mike Tyson

Joe Rogan Speaks On The New Mike Tyson

Just like there was no intent from Russia to ever invade Ukraine.

You’re welcome White House.

Had a sense they’d see sense in the end.

Bloody goons.

You know what else is a weapon of mass destruction.


Specifically these Whitehouse and State Department knuckleheads trying to scare their own people with their rhetoric and so on.

Now then, what will happen is this.

Sensible discussions and peace will prevail.

At least these State Department individuals seem to have piped down in terms of getting Ireland in trouble and dismantled completely and totally out of all this in terms of those missile tests.

For now…

Don’t do that again.

Very good.

Carry on.

On that note, nice to be back in the Irish fields of Gold (a good song mind you) for now, back home, well, where we are from and were born (where this website started).

At least for a while.

Who knows yet.

America and Mexico will always be a home too.

All day.

This is certainly not the great country of Mexico (I miss it already).

Or LA or Las Vegas in terms of any work opportunities (there’s fook all here in truth) for Boxing News and Views — or the weather of the latter places — but heck — at least its Ireland…

That fate is subject to terms and conditions however. Hopefully some of these ‘leaders’ continue to treat all their Irish citizens well — like they have been this last while since we were last here — had an old sense they would in the end🤣

Seems that the ‘leaders’ are at least trying now. Maybe that’s all anyone can do is try to improve with humility and genuine sincere effort. Everyone makes mistakes as they say.

Making each day count surely most important.

Again though, we don’t know anything, each to their own.

Here for now maybe we’ll have to beat the living out of some of these Irish — just kidding — ah much love 🙂

To be continued…

(Some photos of the Irish fields of gold below):

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