White House Lingo Suggests Intent On Starting Conflict and War

White House Lingo Suggests Intent On Starting Conflict and War

Money makes the world go round but it isn’t everything.

We know this.

So what’s the story with the White House looking to start more conflict at the moment, money, again?

One thing that seems strange at the moment in the US vs Russia conflict is the tone of the current administration being so aggressive.

Certainly in comparison to Russia, China and others in the East.

See this today:

Hang on a second…

‘Further invades’?

But they haven’t invaded anything?

It’s almost like they are trying to antagonize and start something that isn’t there…

And, what’s more, Russia have been clear that they are not going to invade anything and are just protecting their borders from NATO.

Even the Ukrainians have said the amount of troops on the various parameters Russia have there could not cause any invasion.

And moreover, the Ukrainians have said they are engaging with the Russians in sensible talks between themselves (without the US getting involved in every single thing in the world) and have more talks scheduled in less than two weeks again.

What’s going on with the White House at the moment?

The whole aggressive and stressed approach from the current administration in the US seems overly stressful and causing a lot of chaos.