US Army Fighter Takes A Hit In South China Sea

US Army Fighter Jet Takes A Hit In South China Sea

While thankfully there is some more boxing fights for us fight fans to finally look forward to again soon, the other big fight in the world at the moment between the West and East seems to be cooling down a bit.

Hopefully sense will prevail after even the Ukrainian President reportedly is not happy with President Biden at the moment.


Khan vs Brook This Weekend Still A Good Scrap

Khan Vs Brook This Weekend Still A Good Scrap

China have not got involved yet but you’d imagine they’d don’t really care with the current administration ripping Americans apart all by themselves anyway.

Whether through insane inflation, bogus statements or consistent army mistakes, time, and time, again.

The latest even coming near China:

Get well soon to anyone injured in the above.

The US Army really is collapsing spectacularly in the last couple of years during the world situation.


Casually nonchalant, defeatist Irish mentality in Sport, Business and Life

Casually Nonchalant, Defeatist Irish Mentality In Sport, Work And Society

Where are they getting all this money to waste is beyond belief.

Print, print, print. Build, build, build. Screw up, screw up, screw up.

And repeat.

Each to their own.


Is war mongering White House using Ukraine as part of something bigger

Is Warmongering White House Using Ukraine As Part Of Something Bigger