Ukraine Not Happy With USA Silly Blinken You Were Warned

Okay Blinken, settle down now.

You know, thing is about some these Democrats, some good, some overly aggressive.

Give it the big one about democracy and all that jazz but then go into bully boy mode when their narrative falls apart in front of them.

Bloody predictable. Barely a genuine bone in the body of this current US administration seemingly.

Always the same thing with some US administrations. Hence on the some.

Shout, shout, shout.

Threaten, threaten, threaten.

Bully, bully, bully.

Do nothing, do nothing, do nothing.

That style and rhetoric no longer works as the East have schooled America to the point of dividing US allies and partners in Europe into Chinese and middle East divisions now.

That’s without even China getting involved yet.

Usually calm and reasonable Secretary of State Antony Blinken was given some sort of bull script by the looks of it from his superiors.

Most likely to constantly threaten and badger in this situation the last few weeks — which will be soon resolved.

Peace is the answer. It’s the only way.


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Blinken and his understudy Ned’s actions only resulted to the detriment of America AND their allies and partners as time has gone on. Silly really. Destabilizing an entire region and group of countries in the process.

Great job Blinken and co.

As expected, Ukraine sorting things out, great country and people the Ukrainians, God bless them:

See Blinken, told you so about that rhetoric you were using:

Blinken Goes Into Rhetoric Mode As He Looks To Get America Pummeled

Blinken Goes Into Rhetoric Mode As He Looks To Get America Pummeled

What happened to nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine, they are not happy with you now.

You see.

With respect, you bum Blinken (joke, great movie the Rocky movies):

Pipe down next time Blinken and stop giving it the bloody big one will ya.

Also, leave bloody Ireland out of it too you goon, with your stupid Embassy in Dublin relaying your similar aggressive, antagonistic, non-friendly bloody rhetoric, bringing attention to Ireland with this crap with missile tests and everything, bloody unreasonable jerk. Leave Ireland out of this you goon.

Don’t do that again.

Try to be a bit more grown up, less school-yard childish next time.

The rest of the world, Germany, soon France, middle East and everyone else around the world seeing through the bully tactics of this administration.

No need for it.

Okay then.

One world.

Much love.

Carry on.


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