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Watch: Putin Stages Spoof Ceremony That No One Cares About As Mayhem Descends Upon Him

Current leader of the White House President Biden has put out a rather odd statement today.

Considering that the world will rise up again but certainly not America after the fiasco the markets are seeing at the moment:

Omicron Slows the Global Economy, Hitting the U.S. Particularly Hard – WSJ

Some warned about this some time ago.

The White House have said the following:

President Biden on Twitter: “Here’s the deal: America is the only leading economy in the world where the economy as a whole is stronger than before the pandemic. Our economic plans are working.” / Twitter

How so?

By the following you mean:

  • Record inflation pricing Americans out of grocery shopping.
  • The greatest resignation by Americans across the country from companies nationwide in a generation.
  • Plummeting approval ratings.
  • Wallstreet analysts that on the record are saying the country stands on the brink of collapse.
  • As the economy is overheated with printed money from the Fed.
  • The US economy at its slowest in 18 months since the world situation began.
  • China toying with the US in the financial markets waiting.
  • To turn on any sanctions the US might propose with or independent of Europe against Russia?
  • Germany even knowing this likely knowing Chinese investment into their economy would cripple Europe.
  • All things point back to a spectacular collapse of this current administration and economy.
  • Yeah, so, ‘here’s the deal’, sounds like an interesting deal alright.
  • Once China press the final button in the financial markets that’s game set and match for this administration.
  • Notice how China are being so quiet at the moment.
  • It’s the quiet ones you need to watch for and then:
  • Boom.
  • World will be fine but this US administration is about to learn a lesson that they should have learned a long time ago.

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