Small island country of Ireland could become target in USA vs Russia fight

Ireland could become target in USA vs Russia

Some boxing this weekend finally back to enjoy but another fight appears to still be brewing too.

One that we’ve touched on here recently as regards the US and Russia regarding Ukraine.

Now it appears something new has developed.

Oh Ireland. Silly, silly, Ireland. What happened to neutrality as part of that European project thing?

That’s right.

Check mate 🙂

It didn’t exist. Did it.

Might be worth checking the international conventions to see current definitions of neutrality per NATO.

Particularly given the continued position and question of the need for NATO at the moment.

There was never neutrality it has emerged from it now.

It has been reported in recent days that Russian bombers could start doing military exercises soon in the Western Europe region.

Not far from the coast of Ireland in Western Europe.

Not in Irish waters reportedly but not far by all accounts.

Interesting given the tensions between the USA and Russia at the moment pertaining to Ukraine.

It would appear that the weak spot in Europe is the once ‘neutral’ country of Ireland which will be put to the test militarily in the weeks ahead.

An island with no protection from any bomber aircraft or naval vessels of war at this particular time.

Interesting that the island did house and may still house some American military units in Shannon airport too.

Wonder what the Chinese think about that.

Particularly now more than ever.

That has really come back to kick them in the behind now and is going to make them a big target for China, Russia and others if continued conflict talks persist.

It could all easily be brought up as tensions between the East and West grow.

Particularly with China backing Russia and now that China are the new super power in the world.

Oh Ireland, what have you done and what have you got yourself into in all of this at all.


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From a strategic standpoint, any flanking of Europe on the West via the Irish route, or via Iceland, if warfare were to proceed, Ireland would be wiped out of course by the likes of Russia and China within hours.

That said, diplomatic talks appear to be ongoing with the whole thing at the moment as America’s strength and empire crumbles by the day, sadly, but as predicted by many, the US are now continuing to falter all the time.

Some great people in America in terms of the good ones and great boxing too but as a country its on the way out as a super power.

100 per cent.

This might be a bit of a pickle to work out for sure, when you look at the big picture though in terms of the world situation at the moment.

Ireland would need some sort of protection from Britain if this assault on the coast line occurred.

But, the whole Brexit talks then would of course be forgotten about by the old Irish if faced with the reality of getting taken to school by a foreign army.

Well then, advantage Britain now in the old Brexit talks, you’d suspect. Thought something like this might happen.

But from a fighting perspective, there would not be much of a fight if this were to occur in the coming week or two with these exercises being reported off the coast.

Outside of boxing this East vs West fight the big one at the moment.


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