First off, war isn’t going to be happening. The world isn’t set up for international warfare anymore between the nations.

Too much access to nuclear weapons means any war would incinerate the human race quickly.

That said, the war of words between the US and Russia continues over Ukraine.

Russia have been clear they do not intend to invade Ukraine.

Former heavyweight champion, now Statesman and Mayor of Vitali Klitschko said of a war:

He also claims:

At the end of the day dialogue and peace will prevail.

No sanctions will happen either.

As that would just hurt Europe and the US, as China would counter.

More so than they already have in the financial markets the past year or two.

Ultimately, the key thing out of all of this that has emerged is NATO.

It’s continued lack of being needed on a world stage in today’s times highlighted.

End of story.

As for the Klitschko brothers, it would be good to see them also get involved in boxing more as time goes on.

Whether it be training boxers and so forth.

Tremendous fight careers in the boxing ring.

Most boxing fans would agree:


White House Hit Hard As Supreme Court Takes Action

White House Hit Hard As Supreme Court Takes Action

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