White House Hit Hard As Supreme Court Takes Action

White House Hit Hard As Supreme Court Takes Action

Big news across the country today for every town, city and State.

The White House and current administration’s proposal regarding a mandate as relating to the current world situation for large employers with over 100 workers has been quickly rejected by the Supreme Court:


All the restrictions and so forth surely doing more damage to the world at the moment.

Than the actual situation itself.

Time for people to live with the current world situation moving forward surely.

As blanket universal nationwide mandates of that kind would have set a bizarre precedence of concerning proportions for democracy.

As, then, where would one blanket universal nationwide mandate stop and where else would they go down the road with them.

Certainly not pro or anti anything with all politics being garbage for us, but surely, these types of nationwide blanket universal mandates are where the line needed to be drawn once and for all.

Very good to see common sense prevail in the good old USA.

Take that you Washington fat cats.