Perceived once allies and partners of the US are now (in many cases) new partners and allies of China.

Surely enough, China must be watching the U.S. closer than ever at the moment.

Particularly with the recent depressing American screw ups in the situation with the great country of Ukraine at the moment.

And the now meaningless NATO organization.

This in the Financial Times further proof of the disintegration and burning of the European single market and project thing as predicted by many:

China have been shrewd in their business activities surely enough the last couple of years and are now the new super power in the world. Not the U.S.

And the allies of China and their partners.

The consequences they have exacted and will continue to exact on the US and others surely only just getting started.

The financial markets continue to show this.

Many warned of this a long time ago.

For the fellow introvert nerds at heart out there, the current international markets are almost a bit like an intergalactic Star Wars space battle at present:


White House Omit Real Reason NATO Plan Is Already Done and Finished

White House Omit Real Reason NATO Plan Is Already Done And Finished

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