White House Omit Real Reason NATO Plan Is Already Done and Finished

Ned you absolute nincompoop.

The latest in the alleged conflict between the US and Russia:

So you claim.

The real reason nothing will happen here is because China already back Russia in this:


Ned you think China, the new super power in the world, who has economically crippled America over the last year, will let something happen one of their strongest trading partners in Russia.

You are absolutely right in some of your speech above.

But so wrong in aspects of it.

Too much talk Ned.

China are not doing any talking.

Talk is cheap.

Make no mistake my friend China are watching your every move.

Your partners you allege to have are now partners of China.

They invested into these regions in recent years.

You will cause the economic cold war of all wars with some of your dangerous rhetoric as time goes on.

Very unwise Ned.

As China told you recently in Alaska America is no longer coming from a position of strength.

China are.