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Statistics and research are only as good as the quality of their sample.

Billions of dollars are wasted every year in research for instance.

Therefore much of it of no value.

When it comes to real time unemployment numbers these statistics can only always be altered.

The White House said the following:

A few things to note.

  • Inflation has wiped out the benefit of any new jobs announcements.
  • As the average man on the street in America is worse off than they were a year ago economically.
  • The above doesn’t mention ‘The Great Resignation’ over the last year or so.
  • Millions of Americans have quit their jobs for corporations across the country.
  • Companies are desperately trying everything they can to hire new workers now.
  • Workers market now. No longer an employers market.
  • Things like remote workers and digital nomads are more in demand by countries than ever now.
  • There is a talent war for these people in all countries now.
  • Hence where some of the above number comes from.
  • Checkmate.

A million other things that could be mentioned.

Just a quiet, respectful observation.

Carry on.

We don’t know anything.


Debunking White House Fact Sheet On China and Russia vs USA Fight

Debunking White House Fact Sheet On China And Russia Vs USA Fight

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