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Watch: Putin Stages Spoof Ceremony That No One Cares About As Mayhem Descends Upon Him

Some of these jokers in the elements of the Biden administration hilarious at the moment ??

Their empty threats finished now. So be it. Very well. God is good 🙂

They’ll do nothing.

Make no mistake.

To be clear.

This clarifies some of their garbage recently but not even 0.000000001% of it:


Debunking White House Fact Sheet On China and Russia vs USA Fight

Debunking White House Fact Sheet On China And Russia Vs USA Fight

While warfare easy and enjoyable no place for it in today’s times. The planet would be destroyed ruthlessly by nuclear weapons.

That’s why when you hear the talk of ‘force’ recently from Secretary of State Antony Blinken you know it is cheap talk.

Peace is the harder thing to do but they have no choice but to do so now.


White House Omits The Real Reason Unemployment Is Down

White House Omits The Real Reason Unemployment Is Down

Currently there has been some unrest in the great country of Kazakhstan (where boxing fan favorite Gennady Golovkin is from).

The Russian army have now actually helped more peace and stability in the region at the moment (not the US Armed Forces).

During a time which some subsections of the incompetent, currently collapsing Biden Administration were doing talking but no actions:

Good to see this lesson of peace and de-escalation brought about at this time.

A lesson for the current administration regarding their own words ‘de-escalation’ 🙂

Ask Ukrainians (one of the great boxing countries in the world) in the Ukraine and guarantee they would say NATO should move back troops as well as any other side.

At the same time and at an agreed location.

To ‘deescalate’ tensions 🙂


All day. All day.

Each to their own.

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