NATO a once known military organization is in the news a lot as of late.

Not a lot in recent years though.

Ask yourself why that is.

Okay then.

The fact of the matter is the funding it receives will likely be reallocated back into a future ‘European Army’ at some point.

Something already been discussed in the news as per 2021.

Its relevance therefore in the world continues to decline as time goes on.

In the current Russia and China vs USA conflict and so forth, in various aspects, regarding Ukraine, who don’t seem to be getting consulted to at all in this fight, NATO has said the following:


Well said.

Ukraine has no intention of signing up to it and why did this notion ever come about anyway?

Where is the evidence that they did want to join?


Debunking White House Fact Sheet On China and Russia vs USA Fight

Debunking White House Fact Sheet On China And Russia Vs USA Fight

Moreover, particularly given the economic climate of all nations who need to be careful with investments due to the important world situation at the moment.

Furthermore, particularly when NATO is in decline.

Silly NATO.

The same old messages being repeated over and over again changes nothing. If that reassures you okay then 🙂 No use though 🙂 People see through some of the government US fake propaganda social media accounts now. There is no substance in some of them anymore unfortunately. The people see through them now. Doesn’t matter if some of these alleged US government social media accounts have blue ticks either on Twitter.

Irrelevant now. You are done.

Very well.

Fair is fair.


Russian Army Easily Teaches US Army Lesson In Peace

Russian Army Effortlessly Teaches US Army Lesson In Peace

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