Department of State Secretary Antony Blinken today has gone on another rant in an apparent childish blame game style of his ‘diplomacy’ so far as talks of fights and conflicts persist:

The key thing here seems to fall around NATO itself.

An organization in some divisions relevant to this that don’t even meet or convene much in the last two years, reportedly.

The question needs to be asked is the organization fit for purpose intended anymore.

Like any product or service over time, it must continue to be fit for purpose.

Without taking sides and being pragmatic and fair, a less childish tone and more sensible tone appears to be forthcoming on the other side today as talks open up:

Surely China in particular will be watching Mr. Blinken very closely now moving forward.

As boxing fans, Ukraine and Russia have always produced some tremendous boxers over the years that we cover on here regularly.

The latest being none other than heavyweight champion Alexander Usyk.

So this will be interesting to see how talks of diplomacy and peace prevail as time goes on.

Pressure is on for you Blinken now.

Don’t screw this up.

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