Blinken May Provoke China Involvement In Russia Fight

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is underestimating the world situation and tensions at the moment by continuing with his inflammatory dialogue methods today:

There is much more to dissect in this.

As he tries the old back one country into a corner method, which, has, never worked in human history anyway.

The consequences he refers to have been changed and flip flopped on.

From the term of ‘force’ to the latter.

Which one is it.

This clearly this morning on CNN shows usually calm Mr. Blinken flustered, speaking faster than usual, not himself, anxious:

If some one is nervous or unsettled their usual demeanor changes.

Blinken exhibits this.

Too predictable from the Secretary of State in his response.

His speed of words and temperament clearly different from before.

Tensions will escalate consequently now because of this.


No good Mr. Blinken.

Furthermore sir you must consider also that Russia are a close trading partner of the now leading super economic power in the world.



blinken makes good point

Blinken Makes Good Point In Stopping A President Biden Knockout

Any consequences or sanctions imposed would of course provoke counter measures from China if it were to harm one of their main business partners and main trade allies in Russia.

As it would harm China.

Moreover, sir, China have heavily invested into one of your alleged close allies and partners above in the European region.

The Chinese are no fools.

Great people.

As for their government, well, whatever you think of them or their policies domestic and foreign, militarily or otherwise, they appear to be simply interested in protecting and defending their own country and don’t worry about America anymore or its alleged allies.

Which they are entitled to do.

No problem.


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Something Happened In America On Jan 6th 2022 That Not Many Noticed

As they’ve already wrapped up most of them behind the scenes with investments anyway.

Something America failed to counter act with innovation and investments of their own into some of the regions and territories.

Over the last year or so.

Too late now.

Rationally and reasonably speaking, Mr. Blinken, why would they allow such sanctions and consequences that you describe happening to one of their close trading partners.

Without hitting you back twice as hard.

Taking further action on America in the market place and its perceived allies and partners.

You are no longer coming from a position of strength anymore as they mentioned to you in Alaska not long ago.


China, their allies and partners are.


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Something America are losing terribly in at present in the Chinese-America world trade war.

A one way win for the Chinese.

This is just one aspect but there’s a million other things that we won’t get into.

Contrarily, perhaps some have let the Chinese do their bidding up until now, with quiet investments into the central Europe region in recent times behind the scenes.

Not just in the financial market but even allegedly they have been investing in educational projects in said regions and territories.

From a military perspective, perhaps the US has some bases in these countries or quiet ones that not many know about in other parts of Eastern Europe.


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With that being said, this continued aggressive media rhetoric from Mr. Blinken will not only harm the US interests domestic and foreign, but also one of its perceived ‘allies’ in the European region, therefore.

Hurting not only you but your partners too.

In a military formations and battle formations context, the domino theory would be exacted, as it were.

But not how you think.

No, no.

From an economic point of view, it would strengthen China and Russia even further and weaken the US and allies much more.

Many whom have been doing business with China anyway and crippling the US financially the last year or so, and their, therefore, alleged allies, from within.

Furthermore Mr. Blinken, with the greatest of respect, it was confirmed by another one of your alleged allies in recent days that no nuclear combat will take place moving forward here on Earth.

Due to the elimination of the human race it was cause with almost immediate effect.

So, one must be wise moving forward Mr. Blinken when weighing up the appropriate military and economic strategy, at is not only America and all Americans you will harm now — but also some of your allies and partners.

Mr. Blinken we sincerely hope you make progress soon.

Never forget Mr. Blinken the ability of the human mind is limitless sir.

You can do it Blinken. You can do it Blinken. Help each other out. That will be our motto:

We don’t know anything.

Each to their own.


Blinken Goes Into Rhetoric Mode As He Looks To Get America Pummeled

Blinken Goes Into Rhetoric Mode As He Looks To Get America Pummeled