With talks of Civil War recently in America, where priorities should be first, Secretary of State Antony Blinken has continued to double down on bull talk that he has no intentions of backing up.

Threatening force today, good luck with that, see what happens:

Lying swine chump.

Silly Blinken.

What are you doing brother.

No good.

Mr. Blinken, logically speaking, who is the one with the peaceful language you, or your counterpart here yesterday sir?

Belated merry Christmas to orthodox Christians yesterday.

Democracy and diplomacy has now failed Blinken.

Your administration is collapsing it.

You think China, Russia and the East are worried or unsettled about you in the slightest.


The more concerning thing is you seem to think that the collapsing NATO thing will back up America as time goes on.

Yes, okay, sure, it may have had a purpose years ago but ask yourself, is it, still, as an organization fit for purpose anymore.


blinken makes good point

Blinken Makes Good Point In Stopping A President Biden Knockout

Okay then.

This guy Blinken comes across as credible sometimes and then shoots himself in the foot others.

Who is advising this nincompoop.

Certainly not anyone with military strategy knowledge surely.

We don’t know anything of course. Each to their own. With boxing taking a break in the UK all the talks of fights this month are in America in the boxing ring for us boxing fans to enjoy.

Let’s hope the above fight story unfolding doesn’t continue as relating to Blinken and his evolving ‘mission’.

The fact of the matter is the guy back peddled already and the East must be no longer even be laughing their heads off anymore.

More feeling sorry for and pitying Blinken at this point.

Often honorable sometimes silly Blinken clearly bamboozled, flabbergasted and discombobulated at the moment.

Understandable to a degree given the mess in foreign and domestic policy at the moment.


Blinken May Provoke China Involvement In Russia Conflict

Blinken May Provoke China Involvement In Russia Conflict

Overall, a deceitful administration, this one.

They say one thing and do the other at times.

Clear they don’t have a clue what they are doing now as the freefall really commences properly as the administration descends into utter oblivion.

No good Mr. Blinken.

As for us boxing fan morons, well, at least we’ve got some boxing to look forward to in the news in the coming weeks.

All day. All day.


Something Happened in America On Jan 6th 2022 That Not Many Noticed

Something Happened In America On Jan 6th 2022 That Not Many Noticed

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