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Clown Putin Mobilization Attempt Disintegrates

Sometimes in life it all about the subtle quietness.

Talk is cheap and actions through being quiet often are more wise.

It’s easy to talk and get angry after all.

Isn’t that thinking only working against you in the end, though.

We don’t know anything, each to their own.

Yesterday marked a hugely important day in American history regarding what happened the year prior to it in Washington.

Any credible federal worker or bureaucrat behind the scenes who set policy should never be swayed by political parties or donations whether the Republicans or Democrats.

Objective, impartial, quiet observation should surely always set precedence for the good of the country.

The media in America whether Fox or CNN should perhaps do this more but one of them yesterday changed their tone to be less anti-Democrat and less conflictive, argumentative. You can of course disagree without getting into an argument. There’s a difference.

More professional:

Less antagonistic to Vice President Mrs. Harris for a change.

Here’s a look at CNN:

More talks of ‘fighting’ and confrontational tone.

If both can use less predatory pricing methods and maybe acknowledge that sometimes both organizations do good reporting, maybe things will get a little better. Who knows.

At the end of the day whether similes, metaphors or the best, direct respectful and peaceful language, use of the English language is all about transporting the reader into the world of the text at the end of the day.

In the most fair viewpoint and vision possible.

CNN’s young Irish Donie yesterday not only did a better job in this than his organization, President Biden and Fox combined, but showed how reconciliation and peace on a day of conflict a year ago can be brought about:

irish american gets it right where biden got it wrong

Irish American Gets It Right Where Biden Got It Wrong On Jan 6th 2022

Think about it.

We support no side but notice that Donald Trump delayed his speech to let President Biden yesterday have the floor.

A more peaceful, quiet approach from Trump for a change.

As well seperately Republicans not choosing to turn up in Washington to avoid any conflict and let time heal.

The wounds that is of what happened a year prior, maybe, just maybe.

It’s all about how you look at things.

Is the glass half full or half empty.

The choice is yours.

The never ending blame game on any perceived (often bull) side of politics never has got us anywhere.

Has it.

It’s the woke stuff that caused the division in recent years.

No need to perpetuate the further division from it in America.

It isn’t doing anyone in the country any good anymore.

Each to their own.

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