Irish Prime Minister Perpetually Knocked Out Shoots Himself In The Foot

Sometimes you think, ah yeah, some of the old ‘leaders’ in some of the ‘rich’ West countries maybe are trying their best to be fair to them.

Then they just keep getting worse and worse as time goes on.

Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin in boxing terms appears to be in a State of perpetual knockout defeats.

The comments from the average man on the street under this speaks volumes today:

In some ways you’d feel sorry for this Michael Martin individual. Pity him.

You think this is a good time to brag about your tax haven while people grieving for the loss of life of loved ones because of the terrible world situation at the moment.

Shut up.

You think this will look good to OECD.

Shut up.

Some nerve the above. The sheer timing of it is staggering.

You think people are just stupid and believe some of this stuff.

Shut up.

You think Americans are stupid too that potentially billions of dollars have been swindled from the average Joe American man on the street over the years through things like this:

Shut up.

You think this helps win overseas investments moving forward at a time like this.

Shut up.

Bloody heck.

How could you have screwed up so bad.

Please be more careful in future.

That is all.