We take no sides on garbage politics but acknowledge some people still consider it entertainment at least.

As for the current administration, serious work they do, or if democracy still exists at all, many don’t have any faith in it anymore.

Certainly not the average man on the street.

Be it from incompetence to corruption reasons.

Democrats and Republicans and all the other parties can never get along.

One thing looks absolutely certain however.

The Democrats and President Biden are taking an almighty beating as the days go on.

Almost certain for a catastrophic upcoming mid terms.

For sure.

He and the Democrats’ continued losses are now coming at an extraordinary rate almost.


This could have been avoided of course and the job figures being put out by the White House are not exactly to be totally trusted in terms of the quality of the jobs in proportion to real time inflation in said time period.

Your logic is flawed.

Economically, how many Americans are better off than this time last year as a result of these jobs.

Okay then.

Very well.


George Foreman vs Mike Tyson Who Would Have Won

George Foreman Vs Mike Tyson Who Would Have Won

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