Brexit vs Ireland Hits Irish Twice As Hard In Final Knockout Punch

In boxing heavy hitter terms one topic that maybe is often not talked about nor will we talk about it again is the highly contentious Brexit.

With the world in more important-news wise, disarray, the last couple of years.

Due to the world situation.

The previous will resolve as time goes on.

With Boxing Day being yesterday.

And the year that was in it.

It gets you thinking.


Corrupt Irish politicians ruthlessly corrected after being Knocked Out Cold

Corrupt Irish Politicians Ruthlessly Corrected After Being Knocked Out Cold

The UK were right in the end to keep their own currency back in the day.

To forge their own way in the world when they did years ago. The currency remains robust. Like the US dollar. That’s the fact of the matter.

They’ll be proved right again pertaining to getting out of that bloody European project thing too.

To be clear, they already have been in many aspects.

It is done.

It is finished.

Stick to your principles and conviction. No matter the cost.

This is always the correct decision in the long-run. No matter the short-term pain.

Brexit is highly complex and has many moving parts. Enough to give any reasonable person a headache surely.

Era, in the end, the only therapy for some is the correct adjusted diet, running and the gym. That’s the reality of it.

On Brexit, it surely will hit the Irish twice as hard.

Like a stunning right hand straight over the shoulder. A knock out punch that is not seen coming.

They are the punches that do the genuine, real damage. Talk is cheap.


Boxing The Greatest Sport Illustrates Uniting An Imperfect World

Boxing The Greatest Sport Illustrates Uniting An Imperfect World

Following this Brexit as time goes on more constructive, positive talks will surely be forthcoming on a one-island, united-Ireland solution moreover. For a number of reasons. Stemming from the previous essentially.

This is a complex matter but if human beings not looking at one another as political adversaries in sneaky tone or narrative can get around a table and talk as grown ups pragmatically, directly and take politics out of things, the right result will happen.

In the end.

It always does.

Often rich-Irish people blab on about rich-UK people despicably behind the scenes in jealously — the reality is — sometimes rich Irish people are far more bloody snobby than rich UK people.

That’s the truth.

Not all but sometimes the case.

Good and bad in everything.

None of us perfect. No one. Certainly not average Joe boxing fans like us anyway.

Class system no different.


3 Things The Greatest Russian and Irish Fighter That Ever Lived Did Well

3 Things The Greatest Russian And Irish Fighter That Ever Lived Did Well

If positive reconciliation is to be forthcoming important to remember unionists in Ireland views’ to be respected if a united Ireland occurs. That they are not alone and are very much welcome. Same goes for Catholics and Protestants.

All people for that matter. Even if they don’t believe in anything. That’s okay too.

Similarly for Christians of all denominations/beliefs or those believers without denomination who only accept the Bible as the only truth. Nor don’t conform to any religion in phraseology and are simply followers of Jesus Christ.

Or Jews or Muslims.

Or any other belief whether Hindu or Buddhist.

You get the picture. One island, one people. Put differences aside. Humans are all different anyway individually. Science tells us that. All eight billion of them.


British Prime Minister Agrees With Boxing Legend

British Prime Minister Agrees With Boxing Legend

If this mentality shift can occur in a very-small subsection of toxic Republic of Ireland/Southern Ireland politicians, civil servants and diplomats that is.

They are the problem.

Reconciliation can occur after Brexit.

Many of them forget sometimes one thing.

The UK are good friends and some people in the UK some of the coolest, kindest and most knowledgeable people you will ever meet.

Remember the good times. Learn from, forget and move on from the bad times.


Titans Invite Caleb Plant and His Wife To The Game

Titans Invite Caleb Plant And His Wife To The Game


Shake hands and carry on. Everyone makes mistakes. Get on with it. Life too short. Be good to one another for God’s sake. You’ll need them more than you might know. Positive opportunities can come from everything. Politics irrelevant. Same with old narratives of media and press. For both sides regarding UK and Ireland. You can’t ask some to take a look in the mirror unless you do yourself too. God and the word of God best mirror you’ll ever find in life. In the end you’ll find it directly reflects back on you. Yes you. Only to do you good. It cuts through everything. Bone, joint and marrow.

Each to their own.

Change viewpoint. In boxing-terms like Floyd Mayweather mid-fight, keep adjusting and changing the angle to get the win. For both sides. God is good. Never judge a book by its cover. For both sides of the Brexit. The best judges in world judicial law will tell you that. Ireland and UK can prosper in peace surely. The truth is the average man on the street just doesn’t care about the lies of some politicians, civil servants, Embassies and diplomats anymore.

People are just people. Two arms. Two legs. Harmless in the end. Nothing more. Nothing less. USA all day.

That’s it.

End of story.

End of discussion.

Very well.


Merry Christmas 2021 To Our Readers From Boxing News And Views