Watch: Russian Instrument Of War Brings The Pain In Canada

Russian Instrument Of War Brings The Pain In Canada

Artur Beterbiev extended his perfect knockout record to 17-0-17 KO in an enjoyable night of Friday nights for boxing fans.

Beterbiev is linked with a huge fight against Saul Canelo Alvarez at some point down the road.

For now he exacted his usual relentless mauling and knockout style of getting the job done on Friday night.

In a tremendous fight:

While Alvarez may have more boxing ability than Beterbiev granted.

The sheer power of the Russian would pose problems.

Those of which he likely will not have seen before.

That said Alvarez is going up to cruiserweight next.

Coming back down to light-heavyweight after could be good experience for him then.

As for Beterbiev.

Another win great win.

Hats off to both boxers on a terrific fight on Friday night for boxing fans.


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