Watch: Hall of Famer On Working For JFK US Attorney General

Not many know all the time about the sport of boxing’s history in America.

It has touched a lot of areas in government over the years.

For better or for worse.

Mostly better though even the most cynical would surely concede.


Boxing Example to let fighting to boxers not Il-Advised Secretary Blinken

Boxing Example To Let Fighting To Boxers Not Il-Advised Secretary Blinken

Boxing Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum turns 90-years-old tomorrow. Happy birthday in advance.

An incredible career in the sport but before it all began he actually got into boxing firstly from the government side.

Working for the US Attorney’s office this is a genuinely hidden gem of a story very recently here, enjoy:

(Hat tip Barbershop Conversations YouTube)

Well done to Arum tomorrow for making it to 90.

Not bad.

Good achievement.


Secretary Of Defense You Forgetting Someone 80 Years Since Peal Harbor