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Big Tech Go After China Now As President Xi Clown Next

As world tensions continue to rise and talks of war and wars persist at least us boxing fans have lots of great fights to look forward to in professional boxing.

Whatever your beliefs, you get the sense that God and the universe are holding patient for now and showing mercy on not allowing any further natural disasters, lethal storms, fires and so forth for a good while. Each to their own.

Mind you, humans unfortunately like to think they are being diplomatic at times.

Diplomacy and allies hugely important to any international amicable, integrity-based and honorable dialogue going forward but this is not it:

Seems like an excellent guy in terms of the appropriate temperament needed for this kind of work and self-depreciative attitude.

That he normally exhibits but this is not it.

Come on man.

You think Russia or China are scared of America anymore after the last two years? Who are you trying to fool with the above? Do me a favor.

They probably laughed their heads off at the above.


Teddy Atlas Precisely Right About Gervonta Davis Win

Teddy Atlas Precisely Right About Gervonta Davis Win

Let Ukraine and Russia discuss it diplomatically. They have loads in common and would be great allies. Everything will be okay. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry.

But back to Blinken, come on man, China and Russia would wipe the floor with you. They would flatten you. They could wipe you out and crush you within seconds if they really wanted to but — they don’t care. Or frankly give a fook about you. America. Or Americans. It’s just business to them. Nothing personal.

The last two years both militarily and economically have been hugely adverse for the federal government for reasons economists don’t yet fully understand, not least the recent army screw ups all over the shop.

We live in an imperfect world, sure, with all us humans imperfect, but some of these guys’ military strategies very poor. Depressing. What are you doing with the above man. Seriously. Poor. Poor. No good.

In conclusion, isn’t boxing and the UFC the greatest examples of the two best sports to leave the war and fighting done to the fighters in the boxing ring:

Boxing The Greatest Sport Illustrates Uniting An Imperfect World

Boxing The Greatest Sport Illustrates Uniting An Imperfect World

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