Biden To Avoid Fight With Russia and China Maybe Could Learn From Boxing

Talks of war have been forthcoming in recent days.

Boxing surely the best place to let any fighting being done by the boxers.

Hopefully capable President Biden and his ‘advisors’ are diplomatic enough.

Or intelligent enough to realize further provocation is enough to potentially produce absolute carnage and get the USA blown to pieces within seconds.


Boxing Example to let fighting to boxers not Il-Advised Secretary Blinken

Boxing Example To Let Fighting To Boxers Not Il-Advised Secretary Blinken

If it was to engage in threatening or passive agressive threats of conflict with the East.

Even placing tarrifs and so forth could lead to a lot of conflict surely if not careful on this one.

With respect, please don’t screw this up President Biden.

Democrats and Republicans why can’t you get along like grown ups, at least on this one, you imbeciles, jerks, both of your ‘parties’.

You’re going to get us all wiped out if not careful.

Diplomacy necessary surely to ‘regulate’ this situation with a measured, sensible approach and mentality (great track below regulators):

As for war, as boxing fans, you’d have to think at times like this of one of boxing’s greatest fighters.

Who passed away not long ago.

Marvin Hagler (rest in peace).

A real fan-favorite.


Secretary Of Defense You Forgetting Someone 80 Years Since Pearl Harbor

Will always be sadly missed by boxing fans the world over.

Maybe President Biden could let the fighting and threats of conflict to these individuals.

Peace and prosperity is the answer, each to their own:

(Hat tip Top Rank YouTube)


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