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Watch: Crawford Told He Lost A Round Gets Up To Win Fight

Crawford Told He Lost A Round Gets Up To Win Fight

One thing that can be observed with some of the best boxers in the world pound for pound fighters today is their drive and conviction.

Their competitiveness.

Always staying busy.

Canelo Alvarez the best example of this in 2021.

Never happy to settle for second best.

Always pushing things on the whole.

Terence Crawford and Canelo Alvarez perhaps the best fighters in boxing today.

Never happy or content with staying stationary or settling for anything other than improvement.

You can tell by the quality of their work in recent years if looking at things pragmatically.

Crawford case in point last weekend with this:

Hopefully the big Errol Spence fight finally happens in 2022 that boxing fans deserve to see.

Anything less by the end of 2022 no good.


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