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Canelo Next Fight Might Be In Same Country As Rumble In The Jungle

Canelo Next Fight Might Be In Same Country As Rumble In The Jungle

Boxing continues to be more and more of an international sport as the years go on.

Maybe a testament to the positive boxing as a sport does both amateur and professional.

In so many nations around the world.

When you think boxing many think Muhammad Ali.


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Maybe not the best actual boxer ever to some who may suggest Ray Robinson or others.

But regardless of your beliefs Ali was surely the greatest person that boxing was lucky enough to have.

A champion inside and outside the ring.


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His famed fight ‘The Rumble In The Jungle’ one of legend with George Foreman.

Boxing’s modern day pound for pound number one and big star Saul Canelo Alvarez of Mexico might in fact be fighting in the same country that held that fight:

Imagine it.

What a moment again it maybe would be for boxing to transcend all sport once again.

Alvarez certainly chasing greatness moving up to cruiserweight too.

Fearless Alvarez.

As for Ali here is a trip down memory lane of why he was not only such a special fighter but special human being:


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