When A Russian Beat The Living S*** Out Of A Bulgarian

There is so much talk about boxers fighting MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters these days.

And visa verse.

Particularly over the last few months.

And even in new hybrid rules with a mix of both boxing and MMA.

Mad stuff at times but good luck to them.

To that end we’ve been trying to go back over old fight footage lately not just from the classic fights as much.

But fights from both sports where boxing is relevant.

More so taking a look at different areas around the world where boxing is also popular.

Be it Eastern Europe, Japan, China, Mongolia or other places.

Eastern Europe in particular is obviously very successful in recent years in amateur boxing.

The fight style seems to be mostly based on the fundamentals but maybe the dedication, discipline and consistency of some of these boxers is what is most impressive.

Ukraine obviously tremendous too. Perhaps Ukraine and Russia most impressive. They have more in common then they think and maybe would be good allies and friends of one another.

Regarding Ukraine, they have showed as much with the quality of their work in recent years in professional boxing.

Culminating recently with Alexander Usyk winning the world heavyweight title.

So much new talent emerging in some of these places and while we are in between Mexico and America we will do our best to keep an eye on other places around the world too where boxing is continues to do well.

Grassroots boxing vital and without it there is no big time professional boxing.

It will be interesting to see what professional cards emerge more in some of these territories in 2022 as boxing continues to lead the way worldwide out of any sport surely.

When one thinks of MMA fighters who had explosive boxing ability in years gone by there’s being a few.

For sure.

Russian MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko always comes to mind in that aspect..

His boxing was some of the most explosive in his time in mixed martial arts. Surely. It was off the charts at his peak.

With all the talk of boxers fighting MMA fighters and MMA fighters fighting boxers and even hybrid fights with a mix of both rules imagine Fedor in boxing back in the day in some of these bouts being discussed at the moment.

If he had dedicated himself to the sweet science surely he would have had some success.

Perhaps at cruiserweight or light-heavyweight.

We thought to take a stroll back down memory lane when trawling some old fights recently to this end.

This from the early Fedor days against an opponent from Bulgaria:

This more so showing his boxing ability — some quality knockouts these:

Pity Fedor never fought in the UFC during his prime years.

Still a great career overall.


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Best Boxer Ever Often Had A Love Hate Relationship With What He Loved