The 2021 Veterans Day remembrance was considerable this year.

Considering the sad events of overseas recently where a number of Americans lost their lives.

Giving theirs in exchange for yours and for the protection of so many others.

Boxing had a number of USA Defense personnel over the years.

None more so then ‘The Brown Bomber’.

We thought this was pretty cool right here this year:

Isn’t it amazing.

Even after all these years what Louis says above still rings true.

Although not in a time of combat war.

And the fighting needing only to be done by one.

Matter of fact.

It’s written on the very money you’ve got in your wallet right about now.

That’s right.

On much of the dollar currency in today’s times it is written:

“In God we trust.”

Perhaps more apt to today’s divided crazy times then ever where people are getting taken out of the equation and removed left, right and center.

Democrats and Republicans can never get along about anything. Ah what the heck do we know. We’re only all a bunch of morons. Each to their own.

Given the sad state of the world the last two years or so as it continues to burn and pay a price whether the pandemic or climate change etc.


Claressa Shields Back In Boxing Next Fight Details Confirmed

Claressa Shields Back In Boxing Next Fight Details Confirmed

No need for war or nonsense, pointless, hilarious at times bickering and quarrelling surely.

Leave the fighting to the boxers and UFC fighters maybe is best.

Two outstanding sports.

Working together, peace and love the answer surely to any of the continued world situation, burning and removal of so much worldwide at the moment.

No one knows it all. Up to us all as individuals maybe to stand up and be counted on a world level during this continued situation that doesn’t seem to be going away since it started two years ago. So far anyway. No wonder so many people in richer countries in the West (not the poorer ones as much) feel like they have been conned and lied to by their ‘leaders’. Do me a favor. Each to their own.

There will be no return to normal since the thing started two years ago. Well hopefully there is. Got to look at the glass as half full. Never half empty. Don’t expect some pencil pushing civil servants, politicians or ‘diplomats’ to help you or your family. No way.

For balance however it should ne noted there is good and bad in everything or course.

Whatever your beliefs.

Surely a lot of the above in the more developed West at least just a bunch of over-entitled scumbags who con people time and time again. That’s politicians for you.

Sport and life is good though. The previous irrelevant mostly and certainly in the big picture.


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Canelo Competitor Brutally Honest On How Good A Fighter Alvarez Is

You’d have to seriously consider the State of some of Western democracy as it stands at the moment.

Sadly much of it is burning to the ground before our eyes.

On literally a daily basis now.

Each to their own.

To end on a positive note however.

More on the great man above Joe Louis check this out from Reznick (hat tip) very good this:

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