Boxing Las Vegas New Yorkers Beat The Pandemic

New Yorkers and New Jersey people.

There’s something about them.

Good and bad everywhere of course but the above two a good bunch for sure.

When you first meet them you think though what is these people’s problem. They’re obnoxious. Concrete bloody jungle with people living in cramped apartments. Who are these wise guys. Some of the East Coast people in general. Why do they shout so much and talk so loud and pointlessly argue and engage in road rage shouting at people so much. Bloody arguing or hilariously quarrelling with one another for some reason or another. Nah fook that. Do me a favor.

That’s what you think at first. That is.

In the beginning.

When you don’t understand them, the place or their culture you’d be tempted to strike or just drop some of the bloody loud mouths. Then you get to know some of them and realize they are some of the coolest, most knowledgeable and kindest people around. Americans in general even. Period. The best of the best people. Don’t forget it.

Don’t say that lightly either. Have seen it all.

Each to their own though. We’re all a bunch of morons.

The East coast an amazing part of the country too in general. Just like the West Coast and the South too. Big respect to Alabama, South Carolina, Florida and Texas. America gets a bad wrap sometimes overseas but still the best country in the world.

Getting back to the New Yoikers and New Jerseyers in boxing for a second.

After getting to know those places and people you then take a look beneath the surface a bit however. You realize they are that way because they’ve always been overcoming adversity.

Gangs of New York a good movie for Genesis in this regard.

Many don’t realize that in boxing the ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ corner before a match starts goes back to these days and gangs, tribes and so forth when America first started as a country.

West coast for life though. All day. RIP Tupac.

But New Yorkers a special bunch for sure.

Two such and two New Yorkers in Las Vegas boxing, the fight capital of the world, Pat and Dawn Barry, running the largest amateur boxing facility in the State of Nevada — have fought back from and beat the pandemic this year. Amateur boxing has survived. Again. Nice to see.

Barry’s Boxing Center brings youngsters and people of all ages and boxing abilities (Barry has trained many professionals successfully in the past at world level) through their doors day after day.

They have been one of the great stories for grass roots boxing in America. For sure.

One of those hidden gems behind the scenes during a torrid time for the country and the world over the last two years.

While we cover professional boxing mostly here this amateur boxing gym also hosts professional fighters training all the time and is definitely worth checking out if passing through the fight capital of the world.

Barry’s Boxing represents all the good things about boxing and its popularity and beating the pandemic speaks for itself across the country — hard work, dedication, blood, sweat and tears:


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