Undefeated Fighter Illustrates The Science Of Weight Management

We’ve been taking a break from the internet stuff this week. Spending some time in the field in pro boxing ahead of what should be a great card again tonight in Campeche.

Nice to be back in Gulf of Mexico.

As a good friend of Boxing News and Views, after spending a few days seeing him make weight, it was eye opening what some of these fighters go through.

When cutting weight specifically the 72 hours before a bout.

Borrero did it excellently and really, scientifically.

But not over doing it in that regard.

Needing to make 140 lbs. he got to Mexico around 149 lbs. three days before and on the morning of the weigh-in (which took place about 1 pm) he left the last five pounds to then. Electrolytes afterwards and B12 vitamin the day of the fight.

Therefore not killing himself in the run up to the fight.

Nor killing the legs and in the heat of Mexico.

Possibly the best climate to weight cut along with South America and even heavier, less humid heat places in America like Florida, maybe Texas too. Similar to Nevada and Texas here. Very good.

He came in at 138 lbs. easily at weigh-ins.

Speaking to Boxing News and Views he mentioned how he cut his water steadily the three days before the weigh-in.

Light jogging on even surfaces to save the legs. No running on sand on the beach. It would sap and kill the legs before the fight.

One meal the day before the weigh-in day.

Checking weight twice on the morning before the afternoon of weigh-in.


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We ran for a bit with him for the last bit of weight drop then walked to the weigh-in with all the boxers on the show which maybe got half a pound off everyone too day of.

Staying in the same hotel as the boxers this week shows more of a team aspect perhaps not always noticed in professional boxing too.

Obviously on fight night when the bell goes that’s all that counts then but spending fight week properly around the event shows the impact all the trainers, officials and promoters etc. have on the boxers.

Appointed as an official judge tonight at the event so we’ll come back to the Shakur Stevenson vs Herring fight after this weekend.

Also Israel Goldman here from America too. On the card tonight. Good prospect to watch out for.

New nickname ‘Hijo de Dios’ Borrero is a man firmly motivated and grounded in his faith. A young family man with his girl and son in Nevada he will no doubt look to to rack up another knockout tonight. He is focused. Doesn’t pay attention to bull politics, bull quotation internet books. Jesus Christ, the Bible, family and boxing are his focuses.

He’ll make it to the top alright. No problem. And stay there for a while when he does. Too.

Overall re Mexico, best idea ever coming to Mexico for professional boxing. Much more to come soon. Plenty of heat here and good weather. Can’t beat it. This side of the world is the business.

Definitely moving here for a while before heading home to America in the many, many years ahead. Quick trip to Cuba soon hopefully too. More boxing stuff there coming too but we’ll see after Christmas. God is good. Maybe San Salvador also. Be nice to see Argentina too. For now, nice to be back in real, proper Mexico again.

Noisy expensive tourist places like Cancun very cool also but for us only okay for a week or two at most for vacation. Move on then should be settling in another part of Mexico soon after fight week finishes. Spanish coming along but we have a long way to go just yet.

Tener un buen nivel de Español todavía. Viva Mexico.

Enjoy the boxing this weekend. Look after yourselves. No idea what is going on with pandemic or world news. Stopped checking it now all together. Good riddance. Couldn’t care less. Life never been as good. Reunited with family from America this week in Mexico who we hadn’t seen in near four years.

Muy bien. Hizo. Finalmente. Los planes de Dios nunca podrían detenerse al final. Nunca se encariñe demasiado de este mundo. Dios tiene planes más grandes por delante. El cielo y el reino de Dios durarán para siempre, pero este mundo no. Dios tendrá sus propios planes. No hay necesidad de estudiar al diablo. Deja que Dios luche. Siempre gana en segundos. Dios lo conoce mejor que él mismo. Lo único que vale la pena estudiar son las Escrituras. Paz, bondad y humildad única solución. Todo lo que podemos hacer es seguir a Dios. Pero cada uno a lo suyo.

We’ll be back on here soon.

Stevenson vs Herring should be an excellent fight.

Roll on.


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