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A previously scheduled boxing bout between Oscar De La Hoya and Vitor Belfort has been put on hold.

The news comes following De La Hoya being hospitalized with Covid-19.

He posted the following a short time ago:

It has now been reported however that 58-year-old boxing legend Evander Holyfield will step in.

At the last minute to fight Belfort next weekend.

Certainly unexpected.

Holyfield has not boxed in many years.

He had been tabbed for an exhibition earlier this year against Mike Tyson.

That got scrapped in the end due to an agreement not being able to be reached.

Early reports suggest the bout next weekend will go ahead in California.

Nothing is set in stone yet though.


Sonny Liston One Of The Most Talented and Revered Quiet Fighters Ever

Sonny Liston One Of The Most Talented And Revered Quiet Fighters Ever

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