Ali An Example In Demanding More From Terrible (So Far) Biden Administration

Ali's legendary phrase before Liston fight

The current US administration, while hopes for them had been high this year when they came into office, in just a short time, have dreadfully plummeted.

People had hoped America would do well but the country is rapidly in decline by the day, despite what some might suggest. Inflation could double again next year. Reality is much different to what you perceive in the media.


We don’t support the shady, crooked world of politics, Democrats or Republicans, but the truth of what is happening in America by the day is clear to see at the moment.

Across the board.

Corruption and incompetence in this dim-witted administration is the only logical answer and conclusion as to what has happened across the country this year.

Another thing, give Edward Snowden in Russia back his American passport. Forgive and move on. You are losing some of your brightest people by the day to other rival countries. What are you going to do. Listen to the Germans or French is it. Nah. Fook that. That’s it for them. What have they ever done for ya? Nothing. That’s what. Same with those corrupt Swiss, Dutch, Brussels etc. all the same European Union thing (with the exception of the Swiss) garbage etc. That thing is burning quicker than America. While maybe a good idea at the beginning, look what it achieved during the world situation the last two years. Nothing. Disaster of a project in the end. More to follow the UK soon out of it.


Muhammad Ali Grandson Makes Professional Boxing Debut This Weekend

Muhammad Ali Grandson Makes Professional Boxing Debut This Weekend

Look at the beating America is taking in the financial markets at the moment worldwide to a certain other rival nation. Hammering. Don’t you get it yet you jerks. These are crazy, unprecedented times. Time is of the essence. Don’t mind the ramblings of that sometimes crazy but often quite brilliant Musk guy. The State department have smart people too. Use them. God loves everyone.

Muhammad Ali is a great example for all Americans in boxing in years gone by of someone who took a stand in his time. Peacefully and respectfully. In terms of demanding more and better from this administration.

During another tumultuous time for the country during the Vietnam war.

People supported that war at the time.

Many forget that.

Ali did not.

He was proved right afterwards.


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Watch: Huge Crowd Swamps LA Ahead Of Pacquiao Fight

Perhaps it is not a bad idea for all Americans to look at Ali in today’s times that continue to decline rapidly for the country at the moment, who have already been over taken by other countries in some aspects.

No good.

No confidence has been inspired yet by the President or the Vice President of the USA.

This, hopefully, is something they can turn around soon. They are probably good people. One would hope so anyway.

But the reality is, they’ve done serious damage to America already and a terrible job for the entire country during the world situation. Hopefully they turn it around and gets things back on track.

For a look back at the Ali situation back the below some are good watches.

These times are certainly more crazy than those times, however:

Change will only come for America if all Americans demand it from the current administration right now, peacefully and with intellect.

Just like God-fearing Ali did above.

Hope is never lost of course.


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