Donald Trump Conor McGregor Fight Video Had Something A Bit Off

The former President of the USA Donald Trump was at one time pro boxer Conor McGregor’s fight at the weekend just gone.

We pay no attention to politics and never takes sides, that said, something seems to be really off with one of the main videos of his attendance.

A viral video suggesting Trump was booed was flagged afterwards.

By many Twitter users after the fight:

Even if you listen back, quite a few times, there doesn’t seem to be many boos in fairness.

Indeed, many fight fans were lost as to why it said it did:

The event at the weekend was reported to have done huge numbers on pay per view.

The UFC have done an incredible job to be fair during the pandemic.

Like boxing has the last couple of years too.

More innovation from UFC though. As usual. Boxing just tries to copy. Easy to see after a while. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but it will never, and has never, made anything the best. UFC by far and easily the best fight promoters in the world.

At the weekend McGregor lost in the first round and suffered a significant leg break in the fight.

As for Trump, whatever your opinion, he certainly generates a lot of interest at these fights.


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