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George Foreman On Where Canelo Stands In Boxing

Pound for pound is always a subjective list in boxing.

With that being said, an enjoyable one for boxing fans nonetheless to formulate or opine in.

Many consider Canelo Alvarez of Mexico to be the best pound for pound fighter in boxing today.

Some believe Terence Crawford to be.

Others might have different views.

That’s the great thing about boxing. The fans are the most passionate of any sport.

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman believes he is the main man today in the sport:

Solid point in fairness.

It has been great to keep an eye on Foreman’s Twitter these past few months here at BNAV.

Some excellent insight into boxing and wisdom in life from the born again Christian Foreman.

As we get ready to depart shortly from Turkey, heck of a few months. Great country. Big respect to the Muslims in particular.

Other than a missed a trip to Jerusalem on this trip and frustrating, time consuming amount of paper work, good trip, after years, finally home soon again to where our work and people are. Back in the good old USA. Well overdue at this stage.

Big respect to a certain senior department in the US government too during this extended trip due to the pandemic lockdowns. Nearly there now.

Looking back at the last few months, after finally catching up on sleep in recent months, humbled to see we are stronger and bigger than ever now with your continued support, our readers.

Somehow some way, through the grace of God, just keep getting stronger. It is true in life. Follow the son of God Jesus Christ and everything looks after itself.

Thanks to you we are in more homes in the United States and worldwide than ever. We are just getting started though. Back in America, finally, soon. At last. We can properly get started then with this platform.

Thanks again. Boxing has, and will continue to, do well.

No question about it.

God is good.


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