President Biden’s Dog Named After Boxing Nickname Dies

President Biden's Dog Named After Boxing Nickname Dies

You know, was quite angry today at the months of time and work wasted here this year in Turkey.

On route to finally now back to the good old USA soon. About bloody time. Thank f*** for that.

Where all our work, and the people who we love and consider family nowadays are.

Done well to be fair not to punch the s*** out of or deck one or two dumb mother f***** non-English gibberish speaking Turks these past few months. In fairness. That said, good people and country overall though.

Budget travel is good to be fair but after a while when you just want to go back to where your work and people are, it gets very old. Boring and overrated fast. Patience is gone now. Particularly being in a non-English speaking place for so long with not a Christian church open. Anywhere near damn it. What the f*** is their f****** problem. Big mistake doing that.

Love the Muslims and Turkey to be fair but f*** this at this stage. Finally can move on, get started properly with this work and back to our own people thank God in America soon. After first having to deal with one or two numpty f****** Irish clowns soon.

Thank f*** finally back in America soon then. Things will be much better for various people and various countries then.

But, even for the situation that’s in it, after all that, this made one have a little bit of empathy at least for someone and their family today.

President Biden’s dog who was named after a boxing nickname ‘champ’ has died and passed away:

Damn. Life is short.

Sorry for your loss and troubles.

Dogs are great. Unlike a lot of (but not all) dumb, stupid and unintelligent useless f****** humans dogs will never bulls*** you. Loyal to the end.

The above news has already got huge traction online in only the last hour worldwide. Incredible response to the news so far.

The nickname for Biden and his family’s pet came after advise Irish-American Biden’s grandfather gave him one time.

Apparently according to online reports it was:

“Anytime you get knocked down, champ, get up.”

Class stuff.

As true in boxing as it is in life.

Fair play Biden, you’ve gone up slightly in our estimations now to be fair.

Rest in peace champ.


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