Former Heavyweight Kingpin Spot On Amid Israel Palestine Conflict

Terrible to see the continued conflict going on between Israel and Palestine.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone effected at this time.

There seems to be a a lot of conflict in the world at the moment.

Former heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko posted this which hit the nail on the head:

Anti-Semitism is arife in some parts of the world again behind the scenes, lurking in the background it would seem.

As this conflict seems to have brought to the surface.

Terrible to see what is happening on both sides and all lives matter, in all countries.

Hopefully a peaceful resolution can be found soon.

Was meant to be in Jerusalem just for Easter Sunday and Monday recently just gone on a quick trip, now that finally caught up on sleep, am humbled and thankful now to be fair that the trip didn’t happen in the end, as maybe something could have happened. These are crazy, strange times.

Thoughts and prayers with everyone in Israel and Palestine at this time. Terrible to see the continued vicious nature of this conflict.

Bible and ancient scripture prophecy continues to unfold before our very eyes. God will defend Israel down the road. Don’t worry. Let’s just hope peace prevails on both sides soon as the carnage is horrific to say the least and sad to see as Christians, between many of our friends the Jews and the Muslims, who are both dearly loved.

Of course, respectfully, each to their own, regardless of religion, race or creed, people in all countries surely need to be more peaceful with one another now more than ever.

Let the boxers do the fighting in the ring. There’s plenty of boxing action to look forward to soon.

Peace is the only way in the life, which is only short.

Look after yourselves where in the world you are. Please don’t lose the faith.

Things always get better. Without hope and optimism there is no chance for anything, not least peace.

Very good from Klitschko above in fairness.


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