Reader Update: Good Fights Coming Up In America At The Weekend

Dear Boxing News and Views readers,

We are currently in the process of relocating this platform to the USA for work. At present we are very busy with Visa stuff as you can imagine, which we have been patient about while stuck in Turkey (great country by the way — highly recommended to visit — awesome country!) these past few months, up to this point.

Some very questionable, strange things from a very small sub section of the United States of America government have gone on these last few months (which we will stay quiet about for now at least) but it looks like now, at last, as of April 26th, our visa category falls under a National Interest Exemption waiver for media organizations, it appears at least. We will speak to the appropriate people in due course. God help them at this point. Common sense is finally prevailing.

Also, in truth, have not had a good night’s sleep in nearly 3 months or so now over the last 3 months. Due to crazy, insane amount of noise where staying at the moment either. Have to respect other people’s right to practice their religion how they want to though, perhaps just excessive noises when it comes to speakers being used sometimes as a respectful observation.

Thank you for your patience and continued huge readership worldwide this year, transparently through the gold standard of Amazon’s, turned on only this year finally when I wanted to after tracking some snake lying people and their families, businesses and motivations from other countries, who did not help us get to where we are today after nearly 10 years of work across the board. Big mistake. We watching you worldwide. Word to the wise.

As you can see, as it is of interest now, that we are finally going to America where all the work is for us and we can finally work-full time, not part-time but full-time on this website. After nearly 10 long bloody years of hard work since been involved in boxing at this point (content on this site goes back to then with an old website). Some journey. It has been a long process these last few years trying to get to America and alas, we had to give some bluffers in other countries who tried to keep us in other countries pretending to be our friends, a respectful rejection in the end. Am quite sure some of these places and people have seen consequences at this point. God says to forgive and that is what we must do, some bloody how anyway, one day. Ah yes, life. The journey of ups and downs to learn humility and respect for one another. What a journey. We are just beginning though. The real work begins soon.

Although we have helped a lot of people around the world, too much probably at times and people not helping us back (thanks to the people who did help though, who were genuine, they know who they are), they will be remembered down the road, don’t worry, in different places, the time has now come to help ourselves and finally get started in work, settled down in life in one place, where our work is, in America. At last. Simple. We can’t do much until then unfortunately as have just been working remotely all this time for years now in pointless, irrelevant other countries because of the travel bans that existed due to the world situation, during an insane time for the world these last couple years, lack of proper sleep for years on top of that due to the time difference in America away from our work, for years, with the world situation too this last year, back and forth travelling to America as we are now a very large platform and finally qualify for the appropriate visa, after so many years of hard work, over nearly a decade. Quietly content what we’ve done so far but much more to do to be fair. It’s the only thing that counts and matters to us and this platform would have been destroyed long ago, until now, until going to America soon otherwise.

Your huge readership this year is sincerely and genuinely appreciated. Thanks to God more than anyone or anything of course. Much more quality boxing interviews to come soon in the summer when we are in America finally, on this particular website anyway. Maybe some new e-commerce website ventures down the road in the blockchain and crypto currency space, growing market — but for now we’ll be working on this full-time when we can get to where our work is in boxing for the next few years, America. Finally working full-time where our work is. Boxing is about the fights and the boxers at the end of the day. We should be back on here at the weekend for a great weekend of fights in America.

Roll on the Andy Ruiz comeback fight at the weekend! Keep the faith. God is good. Bring it on.