Tyson Fury Runs Into A Living Legend In Boxing

Tyson Fury Runs Into A Living Legend In Boxing

Many will remember former heavyweight champion Frank Bruno for some of his well known battles in the squared circle.

A brave, big hitting, fearless champion in the ring but a gentleman and gentle giant outside of it.

Bruno’s story of perseverance is perhaps apt for today’s enduring times where people from all walks of life in every country need inspiration, and hope.

Boxers often provide this to the general public like no other professional athlete.

Bruno didn’t win the heavyweight title until his fourth attempt after years of struggling, grafting and trying.

He got there eventually.

Today’s current main man in world heavyweight boxing bumped into Bruno and seems to be getting a lot of engagement online:

Both Fury and Bruno’s ability to deal with, and indeed overcome, mental health issues like depression in their lives, serve as an important message to not only other boxers, but society at large itself.

Now more than ever in today’s challenging times.

Certainly an inspiration to us as well, after snapping a few times this year and almost going off our head with all the waiting around in isolation in this pandemic on route to finally getting to the people and country we belong after a long, long time of work.

Regarding Fury above and other world champions, it is said in boxing that the Champion of the World should fear no man here on Earth.

Those two boxers above certainly testimony to that thinking.

Champions inside the ring — and outside of it in life.

Here’s how Bruno finally won the heavyweight title on his fourth attempt all those years ago:

(Photo credit: Tyson Fury Twitter)