In recent times since the start of this strange and horrific time for the world boxing has been affected across the board amateur and pro.

While the sport has grown in some aspects, certainly online, other aspects have been struggling.

To the point that there wasn’t a whole bunch to talk about and we had to come up with genuine from the bloody heart content. Some how. Some way. During a bloody tough time. Perhaps kept it a bit too real during this whole situation. No more though. Save that real s*** for the real American mother f****** who actually count and matter moving forward in work and life. Too much heart and genuineness looking back on it. Time to shut up and be quiet now. Have helped enough f****** people with this website over the years. Trust God and stick with your own. F*** anything else. You don’t need nothing else.

Gutted today to learn of someone we care about and respect a lot is in hospital with this rat piece of s*** disease affecting the world. She will be okay though. Thoughts and prayers with her and her family at this time. You might keep her in your thoughts and prayers briefly if you have a chance.

More angry now than ever. Until they conclusively prove where and how this thing started, will remain skeptical.

Don’t buy conspiracy theories at all though. No way.

But, God help the people, if, and it’s a big if, if, it is proven that humans assisted in the creation of this horrible disease in the world. That would be worse than Hitler and while only God can judge anyone, it is safe to say that God will surely look after people like that in time.

Thoughts and prayers to anyone affected by this situation at the moment.

As for these clown boxing promoters and all the politics in boxing. F*** them. Who gives a f*** about them anyway. Their grace period and patience has now expired and is gone. Done. Patience finished now. At the point of no longer giving a f*** anymore. Why bother. Throw a f***** pit bull on his own long enough into a cage of isolation away from the country and people he loves, don’t expect him not to bite back. Some people are quiet respectful people but to the point of being pushed to the limit, talk with action. There are not always signs or warnings with introverts. Enough words. Really sick of this internet stuff now. All a load of s***. Can’t bloody wait to get back to my own people soon in America. Only thing that has kept me going. Focusing on the visa and getting there all this time for work. Sick and fed up of it all now.

We’ll be focusing on the fights purely and the boxers moving forward. It’s about the fights for the fans at the end of the day. Nothing else.

That’s what boxing fans care about and will take various legally prudent business steps to block different companies in various tech ad networks moving forward if appropriate should we deem necessary on this platform.

No more of this bull now. No promotion of any large boxing-related commercial networks, entities or promotional companies moving forward as of now. All limited in their own ways. We will do what is best for us. Have to be able to cover and look at the entire sport, and all the main fighters, who do the big numbers. Time and resources providing.

Politics is the devil really in how it divides and distracts people, wasting time, in all its ways, which we reject in all its forms and false promises. Despise and hate the devil. Love God. Who needs politics anyway, f*** it, a waste a time.

Politics, it’s a crock of s*** frankly but heck, respectfully, each to their own.

Big mistake by various people. God f****** help them now sweet Jesus Christ if they only knew how bad they f***** up. Clowns and idiots without a f****** brain in their thick heads. Stupid f**** will miss us when we are gone. F****** thick lumps. No sense. Don’t be surprised if sooner rather than later. I’ll destroy my website, this website and my f***** work on here going back near 10 years any f****** time I want. Don’t fucking forget it ya c**** ya. F***** some bloody pups and beauts out there boi, in Irish vernacular for ya. A rarity these days. Sick of all the politics now. Had enough of it. Love boxing, best sport ever, but not the politics crap that goes with it.

None of this crap really matters though when someone you care about is hurt. Immune to this depressing s*** at this point.

Never forget, you could be here today and gone tomorrow. At the drop of a hat. God will come for us all at some point.

We’ll stick with the old boxing moving forward. Genuineness, realness, honesty, loyalty, helping people, advice, and kindness were all taken for granted. That’s it now. Done.

Look after yourselves wherever in the world you are during these mad times to you, our readers. Keep the faith. Things always get better in the end.

Roll on some boxing to look forward to this month and certainly next also with Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders.

Really, really great fight to look forward to.

On a bright note, there appears to be more and more American boxing to talk about finally on the horizon, though, after a painfully, painfully slow start to the year in the USA, which we’ve come through thankfully, thanks to you.

Boxing, the boxers and the fights only moving forward. No more acknowledging politics even exists. That’s how little respect it gets now.

The end.